All our products are made with 100% organic ingredients.


Organic Ancient Super Grain Whole Grain & Oatmeal-3 pack-$23.99

INGREDIENTS: Organic rolled oats, organic Kamut® khorosan, organic spelt, organic rye, organic hard red winter wheat and organic flax seeds.                     

Many delicious and healthy ancient grains have fallen out of favor because they are too difficult to grow or just never caught on here. But not being ones to let a challenge get in the way of our breakfast, we began experimenting with the grains like Spelt and Kamut®, two grains that can be traced back to the fertile crescent. What transpired is Farm to Table Organic Ancient Grain Oatmeal, and if we may say so it is no less than a textural triumph with rich, earthy undertones that touch on a culinary experience that had nearly been lost to the ages.


Ultimate Organic Whole Grain & Oatmeal-3 pack-$23.99

INGREDIENTS: Organic steel cut oats, organic rolled oats, organic cracked red wheat, organic sunflower seeds, organic oat bran, organic flax seeds and organic pumpkin seeds.

If you were to dream up the perfect bowl of organic oatmeal, would it be just plain old rolled oats? Or would it be chock full of all sorts of delicious, nutritious stuff? Like, say, organic pumpkin seeds?  Maybe you’d add sunflower seeds for a toothy texture and a protein boost. Or perhaps you’d use steel cut oats as a foundation grain to hold it all together. Heck, it’s your dream, you can do whatever you want. It was our dream too, and you know what we did? We made it a reality.                    


Organic Apple Raisin Superfood Whole Grain & Oatmeal-3 pack-$23.99

INGREDIENTS: Organic rolled oats, organic rye, organic spelt, organic hard red winter wheat, organic raisins, organic flax and organic apples.

Nothing compliments the tart nature of dried organic apples like sweet organic raisins. Together they add the exalted, fruity overtones to our hearty and heart-healthy blend of organic grains. Oats, rye, spelt, and hard red winter wheat combine to create a creamy base, satisfying texture, and nuanced taste experience that will change your expectations of what organic oatmeal should be. One bowl and you’ll be hooked. Expect never go back to the old stuff again!


Combination 3 Pack-$23.99

The perfect choice if you like variety. One of each organic blend we make.


Organic Apple Raisin Whole Grain & Oatmeal - 10 lb. cafe bag-$69

Our Organic Apple Raisin blend in a convenient 10 lb. bag.


Original Blend Organic Ancient Super Grain Oatmeal-12 Pack-$35.88

This 100% organic, sustainably sourced whole grain and oatmeal cup packs a day’s worth of nutrition into a single breakfast. Lightly sweet and high in fiber with 8 grams of protein, it’s the right way to start your day!


Hemp and Chia Organic Ancient Super Grain Oatmeal-12 Pack-$35.88

This grab-and-go cup of deliciousness is packed with 100% organic oats, ancient grains like spelt and Kamut®, and nutritionally dense hemp and chia seeds. With 9 grams of protein, it’s an energy packed way to start your day!


Maple and Brown Sugar Organic Ancient Super Grain Oatmeal-12 Pack-$35.88

Real Vermont maple syrup and brown sugar flavor this nutrient dense blend of sustainably sourced organic oats, spelt, and Kamut®. Lightly sweet, high in beta glucans and packed with 9 grams of protein, it’s a healthy and delicious way to start your day strong.


Combination Pack of Organic Ancient Super Grain Oatmeal-12 pack-$35.88

A combination of all our unique cups. Get 3 of each!