Perfecting the art of grain mixology.

A good food movement.

Since the advent of agriculture some 12,000 odd years ago, mankind has been turning grain into porridge. It’s one of the purest, tastiest and most nutritious ways to enjoy what mother earth has to offer.  The way we see it, a hearty bowl of delicious Organic oatmeal allows a person to enjoy earth’s bounty in its most elemental form. And for people looking to get back to food basics, what could be better?

The marvels of oatmeal.

As a company, we believe that excessive processing is antithetical to what good food should be. By returning to less processed methods, utilizing recipes that bring out the natural goodness of each individual variety of grain, and mixing our grains with nuts, seeds or fruit for an irresistible taste and texture, we’ve been able to create products that have introduced people to what real food should taste like. The resulting blends encourage our customers to enjoy earth’s bounty in its most elemental form. And for people looking to get back to food basics, what could be better?

Real food is winning.

We’ve found countless exciting product examples out there that promise a brighter future for our global community. But we’ve also noticed that much of what masquerades as “good food” is really the same old conventionally produced fare with a new set of words on the label. We wanted to declare our participation in The Good Food Movement, that small but determined group of farmers, business-people, chefs, artisans, foodies and concerned citizens that have been making strides toward purifying the food supply by critically following it from it’s beginnings at the farm to it’s final destination at your table. (In fact that’s why we call ourselves Farm to Table). We have to say, we’re tremendously excited about this fresh way of thinking about food. Our goals are no less ambitious than getting the public to demand food brands they can trust and a food system that answers to the consumer instead of the investor.


Farm to Table will not compromise its integrity. In a perfect world, people all over the country would be able to enjoy the bounty of our products. However, if expansion means neglecting our commitment toward the finest ingredients, or that we can’t afford to create products that meet big box store pricing strategies, so be it. We won’t be there. If necessary, we’ll remain a niche product for the select few who insist on top quality ingredients and a gourmet offering. But at the same time, we’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. When people sample what oatmeal should taste like, they begin to demand it. And by raising the bar, we realize that we are also changing people’s expectations. And that’s a good thing. Because in our minds, our customers should expect more. They deserve it.