How long till I get my stuff?

It usually ships in 3 days then takes another couple of days to get to you. So best to reorder when you've got enough left for about a week.

Why does your oatmeal cost more?

Real food costs more than factory food. Plain and simple. Our farmers don't just farm crops. They tend the land that grows the crops. So our grains have higher nutritional content than the run-of-the-mill stuff. Even more than a lot of corporate organic grains out there.

Why not "local?"

Local makes sense for a lot of things. But the fact is different grains grow optimally in different parts of the country. And since we only source the best, we go where the great grains are. We've looked at the math and 4% of the energy costs to produce our products go into transportation. Our products come from the best farms in the country right to your table.

What if I'm not happy?

We will provide a full refund for any reasonable complaint. ("I just remembered I don't like oatmeal" isn't one of them.)

Do you sell in restaurant quantities?

Yes we do! In fact, some of the swankiest restaurants in the country proudly serve Farm to Table. For food service inquiries, contact Martin at martin@farmtotablefoods.com.

How about wholesale to retail stores?

Of course. We can send you a wholesale price list and advise you as to whether you'd be best served by one or our distributors or by ordering direct. Again, contact martin@farmtotablefoods.com.